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Dental implants
Dental implants are the cutting edge method for restoring lost or missing teeth. Essentially they are titanium screws which are settled into the jawbone.
Teeth Whitening
A popular non-invasive way of brightening your teeth without harming them. This can be completed safely in the surgery or at home with custom-made kits.
Teeth Straightening
Orthodontics is a type of corrective dentistry that will move teeth into a better position. This enhances your appearance and makes cleaning easier.
If a tooth has become infected or is broken, there is an assortment of materials available to repair and re-establish the harmed region. This includes either metallic or white fillings.
Veneers are normally attached to the front of the teeth to imitate tooth enamel. Patients can choose to hide worn, chipped or broken areas, with a thin ceramic cover with only minimum preparation of the tooth surface.
Dental Crowns
Dental crowns are essentially a handcrafted 'top' that covers the tooth, keeping in mind the end goal to ensure its structure, while recreating the original tooth shape and colour.
Dental Hygienist
A spotless mouth lessens the requirement for fillings, the likelihood of bleeding gums and the possible requirement for complex dentistry.
Root Canal Therapy
If a tooth develops an abscess, we can alleviate the pain by cleaning out the contaminated nerve with root canal treatment.
Tooth Replacement
Spaces between teeth as a result of extractions can be substituted with prosthetic devices, such as dentures, bridges or implants.
Conscious Sedation
We have a lot of experience working with nervous patients, offering both oral and intravenous conscious sedation to ease their fear of dental treatments.
We offer hypnotherapy for dental phobic patients who may have had bad experiences in the past stopping them from getting the dental treatments they need.
Acupuncture for dental patients can be helpful in treating acute cases of teeth grinding. It is also considered to be a valuable tool in the management of dental pain.