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Airflow polishing is an effective way of removing some of the more tenacious teeth staining caused by coffee, tea, red wine, smoking and some mouthwashes. These stains can build up over time depending on the regularity of the habit and the patients’ oral hygiene regime.

Although tooth enamel is extremely robust and highly glazed, some teeth may have microscopic pits and ridges as a result of ‘wear and tear’. This can be a result of dietary acid erosion, dental decay, trauma or bruxism (teeth grinding), creating areas in which stains can attach.

The airflow polish process is usually carried out by our dental hygienist. It is entirely painless and involves carefully spraying the teeth with a fine jet of compressed air, water and powder particles which gently removes the stains. It can be used safely on dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, bridges and implants.

Once completed, which can take approximately 30 minutes, the teeth are restored to their original lustre with a sparkly appearance and a smooth, glossy feel.

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Airflow Polish Treatment

This airflow polish treatment approach is often used where certain teeth might be too sensitive for ultrasonic scaling or conventional manual instrumentation. It is also an excellent way of preparing the teeth for teeth whitening, maintenance of the teeth after teeth whitening or as a stand-alone treatment in its own right if teeth whitening is not required.

Also, it is a very useful method of cleaning around orthodontic wires and brackets making it an excellent way of maintaining the appearance while wearing braces for both children and adults alike.

Overall our patients find it a very comfortable experience, as there is no pressure applied, no heat generated and some interesting flavours of powder available! Please speak to our friendly hygienists about air polishing as part of your oral health care programme.

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