Dr Amer Saeed (GDC 75426)


General Dentistry and Anxious Patients

Amer qualified from King’s College, London in 1998. After completing the Certificate In Restorative Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Institute, he focused on the treatment of anxious patients.

He completed his Diploma in Conscious Sedation at King’s College, London (2005) and the Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis at LCCH (2008).

Amer trained at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. He is also licensed in Dental Homeopathy and has experience in dental acupuncture, enabling him to offer a more holistic approach.

Amer is passionate about making dentistry available to even the most fearful of patients.

He is a member of:

saeed 10 years certified

I had been putting off having a wisdom tooth extracted for over 30 years until I sat down and spoke to Amer about the options Garden Square Dental offered for the procedure. Amer clearly explained to me that it did not have to be a daunting process as they offered many different levels of anaesthetic and sedation and I could choose the one I felt suited me the best. This gave me great comfort, as well as knowing my husband could attend on the day. I opted for IV sedation and although I was fully conscious throughout I didn’t remember anything after the sedation was administered- but within an hour of arriving home I was back chatting to my family as normal. My only regret was that I spent 30 years worrying about it unnecessarily! I have many friends who have had their wisdom teeth extracted without being offered any option other than the standard procedure and found the surgery quite traumatic so I would highly recommend Amer and his team for offering the options for each individual to feel the most comfortable with.


I was suffering from extreme pain and discomfort due to an infection around my wisdom tooth. An initial consultation revealed that a surgical procedure was required, as the X-ray showed that the tooth was embedded, and had a long root that was lying precariously close to the nerve. I was given various options as to the best treatments available for my dental problem. Dr Amer was extremely helpful in answering the numerous questions I had about the surgery, and provided me with a very clear explanation about the procedures before the treatment. I was rather apprehensive about the risks of the complicated surgery, and I ended up opting for an intravenous Sedation along with the dental surgery. I must say I am very pleased with the results of the surgery. The entire treatment was completed within one appointment. After waking up from the sedation, I was pleasantly surprised that the entire procedure was over and had been completely pain-free. I had also received excellent care post-surgery, with Dr Amer constantly checking on me to ensure I was all right, and providing me with very good advice to ensure there would be minimal discomfort post-surgery. The standard of care at Garden Square Dental is excellent, and I have utmost trust in Dr Amer for any dental treatment I may need. It is also a great bonus that everyone in the practice, including the dental nurses and staff at reception, are so friendly and helpful, and offers such a great service. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone.


I initially went to Garden Square Dental because I had a long-standing phobia of dental treatment and had heard that they treat such patients. I felt so welcome by Dr Saeed and his friendly team who immediately put me at ease. They did all the fillings and cleaning under sedation and undid years of my dental neglect in just a few visits. I now no longer need any sedation for my treatment and I know I could not have done this without Garden Square. Thank you!

PK, SW London