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Sometimes teeth that have become loose or have broken very badly need to be removed with oral surgery as they are no longer restorable. Teeth in these conditions present an increased risk of infection. Although it is possible to live with this short term, the overall risk to your general health through sepsis is significant, and in the worst-case scenario, this can be fatal.

Teeth can become mobile through age-related bone loss, periodontal disease or trauma. Not all mobile teeth need to be removed. If it is deemed necessary by mutual agreement, this is usually done under local anaesthetic administered by injections into the gum area alongside the tooth in question. Once the area is profoundly numb (we test for this before beginning) the tooth is ‘worked’ by applying pressure around the supporting bone. This is called ‘luxation’ and essentially loosens the tooth by moving the surrounding bone away from it. Once the tooth is loose enough, the tooth can be carefully ‘delivered’ using a pair of forceps.

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Oral Surgery – Gentle Tooth Extraction

If the roots are long, curved or access to the tooth is restricted, then a more invasive surgical approach may be required. The local anaesthetic is administered as before, but the gum may need to be cut, alongside some drilling to section the tooth into smaller pieces to facilitate its removal.

Once the tooth is extracted, some packing would be placed followed by closure of the wound with dissolvable stitches. We monitor the wound to make sure the bleeding has stopped, and the wound has stabilised.

At Garden Square Dental we have specialist oral surgeons that are fully qualified to remove even the most difficult of wisdom teeth. If you are particularly nervous or phobic about having a tooth removed, please talk to our team about oral or IV sedation, cognitive behavioural therapy or acupuncture to help alleviate any anxiety. It’s good to talk!

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