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A periodontist is a specialist dentist who has achieved advanced further qualifications and experience in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. Other treatments that a periodontist can offer are gum grafts, gingival contouring (gum shaping) and dental implants.

Gum disease can normally be treated routinely by the hygienist. In cases of advanced gum disease, where there has been bone loss or the teeth have become mobile, a deeper cleaning of the affected area called (root surface debridement) may be needed. Sometimes a surgical approach is required.

This is an attempt to rid the area of bacteria that are causing the disease and exfoliate all tissue that has been affected by inflammation or infection. This will allow new gum growth and hopefully promote the stability of the surrounding teeth.

This is usually completed under local anaesthetic and results can be seen within 1-2 months of surgery. It is critical that patients maintain optimal oral hygiene following the periodontist’s advice and to refrain from smoking where possible.

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Periodontics Bayswater West London

If you have a gummy smile, gingival contouring can reframe the teeth by trimming away the excess gum tissue to reveal the tooth underneath at the required shape and length desired. This can dramatically change the smile line and improve aesthetics relatively quickly, avoiding any invasive correction of the teeth themselves.

Gum grafts are essentially gum ‘bandages’ placed over areas of the teeth that have suffered gum recession, typically from gum disease or traumatic tooth brushing technique. The gum graft itself is lifted from another healthy area of the mouth and then stitched on to the deficient area. After a period of healing, assuming the graft has been successful, the previously exposed area of the tooth should now be covered by health new gum.

If you have a gummy smile or would like to cover an exposed area of the tooth, please speak to our dentists about a referral to our specialist periodontist.

Our Specialist Periodontist

George Xirogiannis

Periodontist FAQs

What is a periodontist?

A periodontist is a dentist who has undertaken further training to specialise in the surgical treatment of gum disease.

Why would I need to see a periodontist?

If you have persistent bleeding from your gums, or bone loss around your teeth making them loose, it would be advisable to get a specialist opinion from a periodontist.

What is the difference between periodontist and a dental hygienist?

A periodontist is a qualified dentist with specific expertise in treating advanced gum disease. A dental hygienists skill set is based around delivering basic oral hygiene.

Where can I find a periodontist?

Here at Garden Square Dental we have an in-house periodontist, Dr George Xirogiannis. Otherwise any dentist can make a referral to a specialist of your choice.