Anti-Snoring Devices

Snoring is caused by the vibration of anatomical structures in the mouth such as the tongue or uvula while deep breathing during sleep.

It is a very common problem but can be debilitating especially for the partner as they may suffer chronic fatigue from sleep loss due to disturbance from snoring. For the snoring individual, sleep apnoea may need to be investigated as this could be a root cause of the snoring.

The solutions to snoring can be a combination of lifestyle changes such as reducing alcohol consumption, losing weight, giving up smoking or sleeping on one’s side.  Surgical intervention might be considered to reduce the size of the uvula (uvelectomy), or a custom-made anti-snoring device could be worn to bring the lower jaw forward to open the airway. This is called a mandibular advancement device, and here at Garden Square Dental, we are an accredited supplier of the Somnowell anti-snoring appliance.

Anti-Snoring Devices Image

How to order an Anti-Snoring Device

Our clinician would take impressions and a measurement of the bite which would be sent to the laboratory for fabrication of the device. The device can be made in either a clear acrylic framework or a stronger more hygienic cobalt chrome metal framework. This would be fitted two weeks later, and any adjustments would be made at this fitting appointment.

The mandibular advancement appliance (MAA) is comfortable to wear and doesn’t harm the teeth or gums. The MAA can be worn around existing crown, bridges and implants.  It is a hygienic device which is easy to clean, and robust enough to wear long term. The general advice would be to wear the MAA at night time but not every night. The dentist would routinely check this at regular intervals and make any changes as necessary.

If you have a snoring problem that you would like to address, please speak to our dental team about Somnowell MAAs.