Invisalign® Clear Aligners West London

If you are looking for Invisalign® Clear Aligners or Invisalign® Treatments in Bayswater, West London W2, Garden Square Dental looks forward to helping you transform your smile. Invisalign® Clear Aligners is an effective way to straighten your teeth and ultimately improve your smile. It can also rectify common tooth problems such as Overbite, Underbite, Crossbite, Open Bite, Gap Teeth, Crowded Teeth and growing children with a mix of Baby and Permanent Teeth. With many benefits, including ease of use and avoidance of wire dental braces, it’s no wonder that Invisalign® Clear Aligners are so popular.

3 Steps To Improving Your Smile With Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Step 1

Meet The Garden Square Dental Invisalign® Doctor

Your Invisalign® Doctor will discuss your smile and teeth straightening aspirations during this consultation. We will take precise 3D digital scans of your teeth using the iTero™ element scanner. We will create a custom treatment plan that fits your preferences and desires.

Step 2

Wear Your Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Your Invisalign® Doctor will fit your first set of Invisalign® Clear Aligners, crafted from flexible SmartTrack™ material designed for comfort. With regular check-ups every 6-8 weeks, you’ll receive your next set of aligners, keeping your progress on track. Wear your Invisalign® Clear Aligners for at least 22 hours daily for optimal results.

Step 3

Maintain Your Beautiful New Smile

To maintain your straighter smile, follow the Invisalign® Treatment plan diligently. It’s important to note that teeth tend to shift after orthodontic treatment, so we recommend using Vivera™ custom-made retainers to ensure long-lasting results.

Ten Benefits Of Invisalign® Clear Aligners

  • 1

    Virtually invisible: Invisalign® Clear Aligners are nearly invisible when worn, allowing you to undergo teeth straightening discreetly.

  • 2

    Removable: Invisalign® Clear Aligners are easily removable, enabling you to take them out when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing, providing convenience and maintaining oral hygiene.

  • 3

    No dietary restrictions: Unlike traditional braces, there are no restrictions on the types of food you can enjoy since you can remove the Invisalign® Clear Aligners while eating.

  • 4

    Comfortable: Invisalign® Clear Aligners are made of smooth and flexible SmartTrack™ material, providing a comfortable fit and reducing the likelihood of mouth irritation.

  • 5

    Customized treatment plan: Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan mapped out by an Invisalign® Doctor, ensuring targeted and effective teeth straightening.

  • 6

    Predictable results: Through advanced digital technology, you can visualize and anticipate the outcome of your smile before even starting the Invisalign® Treatment.

  • 7

    Fewer office visits: Invisalign® Treatment requires fewer in-person appointments than traditional braces, offering convenience and time savings.

  • 8

    Easy oral hygiene: Since the Invisalign® Clear Aligners are removable, you can easily maintain your regular oral hygiene routine without obstacles or additional tools.

  • 9

    Enhanced aesthetics: Invisalign® Clear Aligners are designed to blend with your natural teeth, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance during the treatment process.

  • 10

    A broad range of treatable conditions: Invisalign® Clear Aligners can effectively address a wide range of teeth misalignment and bite issues, from simple to complex cases, making them a versatile option for orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners Frequently Asked Questions

Invisalign® Treatment involves utilizing a series of clear and removable aligners to align your teeth gradually. Unlike traditional metal braces, there are no brackets, wires, or associated limitations.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners are crafted from a flexible plastic material known as SmartTrack™, a patented thermoplastic exclusively developed for Invisalign® Treatment.

Your dedicated Invisalign® Doctor at Garden Square Dental will generate a personalized digital treatment plan that precisely outlines the desired movements of your teeth. Subsequently, your Invisalign® Clear Aligners are custom-designed to apply precise and appropriate force to specific locations at designated intervals. Throughout your journey, your Invisalign® Doctor will closely accompany you, monitoring your progress and ensuring the proper fit of your aligners.

During your Invisalign® Treatment, there is a possibility that you may require SmartForce™ attachments. These are small, tooth-coloured shapes that are affixed to your teeth. Acting as handles, they enable the aligners to exert precise and gentle force to facilitate complex tooth movements, eliminating the need for traditional braces. Invisalign® Clear Aligners seamlessly fit around these attachments, making them barely noticeable.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners offer a solution for correcting mild to severe teeth misalignment. The duration of treatment usually averages around six months; however, this timeframe is determined by your Invisalign® Doctor based on the complexity of your specific case. Many individuals notice a positive change in their teeth alignment within three months of wearing Invisalign® aligners, and noticeable results are often achieved after six months.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners offer virtually invisible teeth straightening, allowing you to go about your day without drawing attention to your orthodontic treatment. They can be easily removed for eating, drinking, oral hygiene routines, or special events. There is no risk of mouth irritation or breakage with no metal brackets or wires.

What sets Invisalign® Clear Aligners apart from other brands is the patented SmartTrack™ material, known for its superior comfort and optimal fit. The Invisalign® Clear Aligners are also precisely trimmed to match your gum line, ensuring comfort and a natural appearance.

Invisalign® Treatment offers an excellent solution for adults and teenagers seeking a nearly invisible way to enhance their smile. It addresses many common teeth-straightening and bite issues, regardless of their simplicity or complexity. Best of all, this transformative process seamlessly integrates into your busy lifestyle, causing minimal interruption.

The journey of Invisalign® Treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation conducted by an Invisalign® Doctor. During this consultation, your smile will be carefully assessed, and a precise and personalized digital treatment plan will be devised, showcasing the step-by-step transformation of your smile.

Once you approve, your unique aligners will be crafted specifically for you. Gradually and gently, each set of aligners will guide your teeth into their desired position according to the treatment plan, bringing you closer to achieving your beautiful new smile. These aligners should be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day, with a new set being introduced every 1 to 2 weeks, as instructed by your Invisalign Doctor.

Here are five tips for caring for your Invisalign® Clear Aligners:

  1. Clean your Invisalign® Clear Aligners properly: Brush and rinse your Invisalign® Clear Aligners with lukewarm water. You can use Invisalign™ Cleaning Crystals or special cleaning tablets to keep them fresh and clean. Remember to brush your teeth after meals before reinserting the Invisalign® Clear Aligners to maintain good oral hygiene.
  2. Prevent staining: To avoid staining your Invisalign® Clear Aligners, brush your teeth thoroughly after consuming foods or beverages that may cause discolouration, such as blueberries or pasta sauce. Keeping your teeth clean can also help keep your aligners stain-free.
  3. Notify your Invisalign® Doctor if an aligner is lost or broken: If you lose or break an aligner, contact your Invisalign® Doctor immediately. They will guide you on the next steps, including wearing a previous or next set of aligners or ordering replacements to ensure your treatment plan stays on track.
  4. Order replacement aligners through your Invisalign® Doctor: Replacement aligners should be ordered through your Invisalign® Doctor as they are considered prescription items.
  5. Follow your Invisalign® Doctor’s instructions: It’s essential to follow the instructions and recommendations provided by your Invisalign® Doctor. This includes attending scheduled appointments, wearing the Invisalign® Clear Aligners for the recommended duration each day, and following any additional guidelines or advice specific to your treatment.

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