Emergency Dentist in Bayswater, West London W2

We are readily available to provide you with an emergency dentist to deal with most dental emergencies in West London, W2. These emergencies can include toothache, wisdom teeth pain, broken teeth as well as tooth and gum infections.  We are based in Bayswater, West London, W2, close to Royal Oak Tube Station, Queensway Station, Paddington, Notting Hill, and Holland Park.

Dental Emergencies in West London W2

We have dedicated dental emergency slots to make sure patients can be seen on the same day. We are available for early morning appointments, most days from 8 am late evenings until 8 pm on Tuesdays, and all day Saturdays. We cater for people with busy lifestyles, who may not be able to visit us during office hours. If you require emergency dental treatment please contact us on 020 7229 8716

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You may need emergency dental treatment if you have:

  • Severe toothache which is not responding to your usual pain killers
  • Swellings of the mouth or face which suggest a dental or gum abscess
  • Fractured a tooth or filling
  • Trauma to the face, mouth or teeth after a recent accident or injury
  • Broken an orthodontic appliance or denture
  • Suffered a loose crown, bridge or implant

Our Emergency Dentists

Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Dentists in Bayswater W2, West London:

What is an emergency dentist, and when should I seek emergency dental care?

An emergency dentist provides immediate dental care for urgent dental issues such as severe toothache, dental trauma, knocked-out teeth, or other dental emergencies requiring immediate attention outside regular office hours.

Do you offer emergency dental services in Bayswater W2, West London?

Yes, we provide emergency dental services for patients experiencing urgent dental issues. Our team is available to address your dental emergencies promptly and efficiently.

How do I know if my dental issue qualifies as a dental emergency?

If you’re experiencing severe pain, bleeding, swelling, or trauma to your teeth or mouth, it’s essential to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible. Ignoring dental emergencies can lead to further complications and worsen your condition.

Can I walk in for emergency dental care, or must I make an appointment?

While we accept walk-in patients for emergency dental care, we recommend calling ahead to inform us of your situation so we can prepare for your arrival and provide prompt treatment.

What should I do if I have a dental emergency outside of regular office hours?

If you have a dental emergency outside of regular office hours, call our emergency contact number, and our on-call dentist will assist you and provide guidance on the next steps.

Do you treat dental emergencies for patients of all ages?

Yes, we provide emergency dental care for patients of all ages, including children, adults, and seniors.

What types of dental emergencies do you commonly treat?

We commonly treat dental emergencies such as severe toothaches, broken or cracked teeth, knocked-out teeth, dental abscesses, lost fillings or crowns, and other urgent dental issues.

Will I be charged extra for emergency dental services?

Our fees for emergency dental services are based on the treatment provided and the urgency of the situation. We strive to keep our fees reasonable and transparent, and we’ll discuss all costs with you before starting treatment.

What if I experience a dental emergency while travelling or outside Bayswater W2, West London?

If you experience a dental emergency while travelling or outside our area, we recommend seeking emergency dental care at the nearest dental office or hospital. Our team can guide you over the phone if needed.

How can I prevent dental emergencies in the future?

To reduce the risk of dental emergencies, practice good oral hygiene habits, wear protective gear during sports activities, avoid chewing on hard objects, and schedule regular dental check-ups and cleanings to address any potential issues before they become emergencies.

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