Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns are effectively a custom made ‘cap’ that covers the tooth in order to protect its structure.

These crowns and bridges are handcrafted by highly skilled technicians at a dental laboratory in order to reproduce the colour and shape of the original tooth.

Use of dental crowns can restore the natural look of missing or damaged teeth.

Garden Square Dental use Porcelain and Zirconia dental crowns that recreate the look of normal healthy teeth allowing patients to restore a healthy, bright smile.

This often helps to boost self confidence after tooth loss. Stain resistant.

Dental crowns made of porcelain are stain resistant and designed to keep their appearance throughout their use.

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The Benefits of fitting Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are designed to last from 5 to 15 years. Their lifespan depends very much on how you look after them. If you are not prone to excessive teeth clenching or grinding your crown will last you a lot longer.

Crowns are a fixed entity. Dentures are prone to shifting and sliding in the mouth, unlike a crown which is held securely in place. Usually, a crown is either cemented over your damaged tooth or implant or fixed in place as part of a dental bridge, ensuring there is no slip or movement.

Restorative and protective. A crown will restore the natural look and feel of a real tooth. This will not only allow you to chew food properly, and improve speech impediments caused by tooth loss but will also protect decayed or damaged teeth. A crown can also be used to cap and encase teeth acting as a shield to prevent further decay or tooth loss.

Comfort; Crowns are always a better long-term choice over full or partial dentures. Dentures often cause pain and discomfort for the user. This is because they sit on top of the jawbone and gums, where they can shift in the mouth and irritate the user’s gums, unlike a crown which is fixed in position.

No more speech problems. Patients with ill-fitting dentures or missing teeth often suffer from speech impediments in the way of slurred speech or a lisp. Restoring missing teeth with crowns can help a patient once again speak confidently, with no dental obstacles.

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Dental Crown FAQ’s

A crown is the perfect way for anyone to restore teeth that have been lost, broken or weakened through large fillings. A crown can also be used to keep bridges and dentures in place.

A crown will normally require 2 visits to your dentist. The first to take a dental impression for the new crown, and to decide on the colour shade required. At this point a temporary crown may also be fitted. On your second visit your permanent crown will be fitted and checked for comfort and integrity.

No. You won’t feel any pain. You will be administered with a local anaesthetic and the feeling is much like having a filling.

On your initial consultation the shade of your surrounding teeth is recorded, and the new crown is matched as closely as possible to this shade to ensure a matched, natural look.

The shape of the crown will be slightly different from the space left by a missing or damaged tooth, and so will feel odd for a few days after which you will not notice it. If you do find your bite is affected then it is possible to return to us to have it checked and adjusted until it is comfortable.