The Garden Square Dental team is fully equipped to deal with the most anxious patients, offering both oral and intravenous conscious sedation or ‘sleep dentistry’. This involves the provision of a sedative medication which allows you to feel extremely relaxed whilst still being able to communicate with the dentist if necessary

What is Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation is a technique in which you will be made to feel pain-free, relaxed and sedated. You will be in control of your own reflexes and breathing whilst still being able to talk.

During the procedure your sedationist will be with you at all times making sure that you are comfortable, and free from pain. The sedationist looks after every part of the normal working of your body by measuring and controlling vital functions such as heart beat, blood pressure, breathing, brain function, and body temperature.

Conscious Sedation
  • You will not be unconscious (knocked out) but sedated (relaxed).
  • During the sedation you may also be given an anaesthetic injection in the mouth to compliment the procedure.
  • You might hear sound or feel vibration, but will be pain free, relaxed and probably unable to remember the procedure afterwards.


Conscious Sedation FAQ’s

This is a very safe procedure with few side effects, and is recommended by The General Dental Council as the preferred alternative to General Anaesthetic. Some patients may suffer from problems such as nausea and vomiting, headache and drowsiness. Your sedationist will answer your questions about any of your concerns when you are seen before the procedure.
If you have food or drink in your stomach when you are sedated you may feel sick when under sedation. We advise no food for 2 hours before dental work, but you may drink small volumes of water until 1 hour before.
You will be given your sedation at the Garden Square Surgery. We are able to offer both oral and intravenous conscious sedation for adults only.
When the procedure is complete, you will be taken to our recovery room where you may feel drowsy for a while afterwards until the sedative wears off.