Dental check-ups for children

Garden Square Dental are the ideal choice as your children’s dentist in West London. Regular dental check-ups for children with the dentist and/or dental hygienist will help keep your child’s teeth in perfect condition. The advice they will receive from our dentists and hygienists will help to educate and encourage them to look after their teeth.

We have child friendly treatment rooms and our staff are trained to make your child feel comfortable and enjoy visiting the dentist.

Dental Check-ups for children under 5 are free of charge

At Garden Square Dental, check-ups for children under 5 are free of charge, providing that a parent or guardian is a registered patient with us and has been seen for an examination within the previous 12 months.

Children’s Dental Treatment

If treatment becomes necessary, this is chargeable but is carried out in the most gentle and fun way possible. For children’s fillings we only use non-metallic filling materials and ensure that all of our younger patients are happy and comfortable during treatment, helping to build their confidence for future visits to the dentist.

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Dental check-ups for Children FAQs

How often should children have their teeth checked?

For infants up to 2 years old, only if the parent suspects a problem. For children 2 years and older, 6 monthly check-ups are a good interval in order to catch decay early, monitor tooth brushing and check the eruption of new teeth.

Why do children need have to have their ‘baby’ teeth checked if they are going to lose then anyway?

The early loss of deciduous (baby) teeth can lead to space closure in the areas that adult teeth need to come through. This can lead to crowding and imbalance in the bite.

Is it worth filling decayed baby teeth or should they just be removed?

If the baby tooth can be saved with a filling, then this would be preferable to avoid loss of space for adult teeth to erupt and also to avoid any psychological trauma from an extraction.

When do children need braces?

If the dentist has diagnosed a discrepancy in the bite, most children would be referred to an orthodontist at 12-13 years old. In rare circumstances where there is deformity, earlier intervention may be required.