This is a unique fixed bracket system, placed on front surface of the teeth.
• Both Metal and more discreet clear brackets are both popular.
• This treatment is ideal to treat both mild to moderately complex cases.
• It allows for alignment of the entire upper and lower teeth into beautiful symmetrical arches.
• This specific technology is over 20 years old, with thousands of cases having been successfully treated and backed up with significant research to ensure it is safe long term.

How do Fastbraces work?

• Traditional braces move in 2 stages, first the crowns of the teeth followed by the roots. Fastbraces technology allows for movement of both the crown and root from the beginning of treatment.

At the end of your treatment…….

When your teeth have reached their final alignment and you are happy with the end result, we recommend your teeth are fixed into their final position using a small wire bonded on
to the inside of the teeth or a clear plastic retainer.


This retention is incredibly important for the first few months following active treatment as it is at this time relapse can quickly occur. Retention may be a lifelong prospect to ensure the teeth do not relapse, after a few years this may be in the form of wearing plastic retainers for a short time daily.