Eleanor’s teeth straightening journey

Our lovely client Eleanor has made 7 videos capturing her teeth straightening journey. We used Fastbraces to align her teeth and as can be seen in her video diary, she is very happy with the process and thrilled with the final results. We congratulate Eleanor on her new smile and look forward to seeing her again soon!

Video number 1

Video number 1 in Eleanor’s orthodontic experience with Garden Square Dental Practice. Eleanor has had the Fastbraces brackets and wires fitted to help move her teeth into the desired position. She found the process quick and easy and jokes about looking like a teenager!

Video number 2

Video Number Two shows the 5th day of Eleanor’s teeth straightening journey and she reports that her Fastbraces are pretty comfortable and problem free so far.

Video number 3

Video Three and it has been 2 weeks since Eleanor’s Fastbraces were fitted. Although the brackets are rubbing a little, generally, they have been pain-free, and she is anticipating getting the rest of the Fastbraces put on soon.

Video number 4

Month 2.5 of Eleanor’s Fast Braces Treatment. Eleanor is beginning to see positive results and says that on the whole, despite actually feeling her teeth moving, the experience continues to be comfortable.

Video number 5

Another report on Eleanor’s Fastbraces following 3 months of the 5-month treatment programme. Eleanor says that there are no issues to report and it is difficult to envisage her teeth without them!

Video number 6

The Fastbraces have been removed from the upper teeth, and Eleanor is really excited with the outcome. She highly recommends Dr Sofi Baig and the team at Garden Square Dental who have been very accommodating with appointments.

Video number 7

The final video in the series. The Fastbraces on the lower teeth have been taken off. Eleanor says it has been a straightforward process and well worth doing.

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