Are You A Nervous Dental Patient ?

For most people with healthy teeth and gums, periodic visits to the dentist or hygienist for a checkup and cleaning are nothing to worry about. For nervous patients, however, this can be quite a daunting prospect. For some reasons nervous patients continue to suffer from dental pain and discomfort due to the fears and phobias, they have built up. A visit to the dentist can be stressful and very difficult to face.

If you feel yourself tighten up and your pulse starts to race at the thought of visiting the dentist, visit us here at Garden Square Dental, we can help in a variety of ways. We are qualified and listed on the Dental Phobia register of dentists and highly experienced in treating nervous patients with all types of dental treatment. We thrive on helping our patients overcome their fear of visiting the dentist.

Help For Nervous Dental Patients

If you are a nervous dental patient suffering from a dental problem or simply seeking a comfortable, friendly dental surgery that you can visit for check-ups or to see a hygienist, look no further than Garden Square Dental. We provide nervous patients with a sympathetic and understanding environment, where procedures are explained in detail to help patients understand and overcome their fears.  We offer a free consultation where patients can ask questions about treatments and are provided with individually tailored solutions that will allow them to undergo dental treatment.

We have some patients that choose not to know so much detail about their treatments and feel more comfortable just getting their treatment “over and done with” knowing they will feel no pain, and safe in the knowledge that we will make their visit as comfortable as possible.

Techniques Used In Treating Nervous Dental Patients

AnxiouspatientsWhen treating nervous dental patients, we have found that many fears and anxieties can be overcome by explaining our procedures to patients, which we have found helps to dispel their perceived fear of pain. We utilise a variety of methods including the use of sedatives, anaesthesia and conscious sedation techniques to help nervous patients to relax during treatments.

We are great believers in a holistic approach to treatment, and provide acupuncture to help nervous patients with stress relief, as well as natural homoeopathic remedies and analgesics. To help patients with their fears and phobias, we have in-house hypnotherapists that can help patients overcome their worries about treatment.

Our dentists, hygienists and nurses are very gentle and offer a high standard of care before during and after your treatment. If you are a nervous patient looking for a professional, friendly dental surgery in West London, contact Garden Square here, and let us take the anxiety out of your visits to the dentist. We are only too happy to treat children and offer extended opening hours for your convenience.