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Reopening Policy

Dear all, We are writing to inform you of our reopening policy and our intention to reopen the practice on Monday 8th June. Whilst we would like to keep things as normal as possible, due to the Covid-19 pandemic there will be some changes to the ‘patient journey’ at the practice. We would like to [...]

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Fast & Discreet Teeth Straightening in London

Our leading cosmetic dentistry and Teeth Straightening specialist Dr. Sofi Baig has put together a list of the main teeth straightening systems used in our practice. With substantial experience in this field, Dr Sofi is able to give you a general overview of the pro's and cons of each system.

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Orthodontic case study – Nina

Orthodontic case study - Nina For this month’s blog, I would like to introduce you to Nina! 28-year-old Nina came to see me for a complimentary orthodontic consultation, last year. She wanted to know if I could do something to improve her smile, on the proviso the treatment was fast because she [...]

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War of Attrition

Teeth grinding (bruxism) is an ever-increasing problem in our society today and is worryingly becoming prevalent in younger demographics.

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The Oral Microbiome – It’s a bugs life!

The Oral Microbiome The human body is 90% microbial and there are around 1000 species of bacteria in the mouth. That’s a lot of bugs! The oral cavity is an entry port for microbes providing ideal conditions for their existence while allowing the potential for them to cross into the body’s circulation. In reality, we [...]

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Teeth Straightening Video Testimonial

At the Garden Square Dental surgery our leading cosmetic dentist Sofi specialises in teeth straightening treatment and recommends a revolutionary orthodontic treatment called Fastbraces.

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Dental Veneers In West London

If you are a nervous patient or scared of visiting the dentist, Fear not, We specialize in treating anxious patients, and are trained in Conscious Sedation

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Children’s Dentist And Hygienist West London

Children's Dentist And Hygienist West London Garden Square are a children's dentist and hygienist surgery covering West London and the surrounding areas. Our dental team are highly experienced in dealing with all forms of dental treatment for children and young people of all ages. Several of our team are parents themselves and can [...]

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Are You A Nervous Dental Patient ?

Are You A Nervous Dental Patient ? For most people with healthy teeth and gums, periodic visits to the dentist or hygienist for a checkup and cleaning are nothing to worry about. For nervous patients, however, this can be quite a daunting prospect. For some reasons nervous patients continue to suffer from dental [...]

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Emergency Dentist West London

Emergency Dentist West London Garden Square Dental have provided West London with an emergency dentist service for over 10 years now. With our vast experience treating all types dental emergency we understand that often time is of the essence when treating emergency patients. Severe dental pain can be physically and mentally exhausting. In many [...]

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