Whether we like it or not, our teeth can show premature signs of ageing before we do.  Either by the colour of our teeth and tooth wear both on the outside surface and the edges of our teeth.

The structure of our teeth is largely made up of dentine, which is naturally a creamy/yellow colour.  The dentine is covered by enamel, which is strong and protective.

Over time the enamel is subject to wear and tear through the everyday process of eating, drinking, chewing and often clenching and grinding the teeth at night, unbeknown to most of us.

Dental erosion is the permanent loss of tooth tissue caused by acid wear.  The main source of this acid is from the food and drinks we consume as well as from our own stomach’s when we suffer from acid indigestion.  It is not always possible to notice signs of acid erosion. However, during a regular dental check-up, our dentists will check your teeth and advise you if they see the signs of erosion present and if so will give you preventative advice accordingly.  As acid erosion becomes more extensive, the teeth will reduce in size, become sensitive and as the enamel erodes, the underlying dentine starts showing through, making the teeth look more yellow.

Tooth wear and the Impact of Fruit Juices

Fruits, juices and smoothies are recommended as part of 5 or 7 a day and although healthy for us, however, due to their natural sugar and acid we need to be cautious about the damage they are causing to our teeth. Fortunately using a straw can help the liquid to bypass the teeth (smoothie pic)

If consumed without sugar, our favourite coffee, both green and black teas, are unlikely to cause decay or erosion; however regular consumption of these drinks can cause both intrinsic and extrinsic staining of the teeth.

Tooth Whitening Treatment

Thankfully and to some extent, this natural yellowing of the teeth can be reversed by Tooth Whitening treatment.  Our dentists have treated hundreds of teeth whitening procedures successfully and will guide you through the process.  Both Home Whitening and Chairside Zoom Whitening are both safe and very effective, and we at Garden Square use the award-winning Phillips whitening system.  It’s amazing to see teeth that discolour over decades, can often be lightened by several shades in as little as 10 days and the good news is that the effects of the whitening can last up to 18 months.  Following this, a simple whitening top up treatment, over just a few nights can keep our teeth safely bright.
For a lot of patients, we often combine teeth whitening with simple cosmetic bonding, to give maximum impact to the smile!

Please see a few of our case studies below:

2 marked areas of erosion

This patient, presented with 2 marked areas of erosion to the outside surface of the upper incisors as well as worn edges on the upper central teeth.
Note the shade of the teeth before teeth whitening was A3.

2 week course of Phillips Nite White

He then completed a 2-week course of Phillips Nite White, home whitening treatment.

He whitened by 5 shades!

He whitened by 5 shades!

composite bonding over the outside surface and edges of the front teeth

The treatment was then completed by placement of composite bonding over the outside surface and edges of the front teeth
Suffice to say the patient was thrilled with his new smile!