Garden Square Dental are The Smile People

Here at Garden Square Dental, we like to be known as The Smile People.  We want to help you attain the bright, healthy, attractive smile you have always dreamt of.  We specialise in all forms of cosmetic dentistry for Londoners. One of the most popular services we offer is our teeth whitening treatment. It’s effective, quick, convenient, and perfect for adults looking for teeth whitening in West London.

Are you thinking about getting your teeth whitened? We have devised our very own top 5 teeth whitening tips for you. This is to help you gain the best results from your whitening treatment.

Top 5 teeth whitening tips

  • For the best results, get your teeth cleaned professionally before whitening
  • For longer lasting results, avoid smoking, red wine, black coffee and dark coloured foods
  • If you suffer from teeth sensitivity, use Sensodyne toothpaste for two weeks before teeth whitening treatment
  • Start the whitening process by considering ‘in surgery’ Philips Zoom teeth whitening
  • Complete the process with the Philips Zoom home teeth whitening kit

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More about teeth whitening at in London at Garden Square Dental

For more information about teeth whitening and to see our before and after pictures, please visit our teeth whitening page here

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