Send your Smile to Garden Square Dental

Here at Garden Square Dental we are passionate about improving your dental health and helping you achieve the smile you want. We realise that in London, many patients lead busy lives, and are often short on time and too busy to come in and see us unless essential dental treatment is required.

To help overcome this we have devised the Garden Square “Send us a picture of your Smile Page“. Allowing you to simply send us a picture of your teeth as they are currently, telling us what aspect of your smile you would like to improve. Our experienced team of dentists and Orthodontists will study the picture in total confidence and email you back their recommendations on how you may achieve the smile you want.

Send us your Smile and leave the rest to us!

If you are unsure what, if any dental work may be required to help you get the smile you want, our “send us your smile page” can help. We are able to advise on all forms of cosmetic dentistry, from a simple visit to the hygienist for teeth cleaning and polishing to teeth whitening and all forms of teeth straightening. Once we have reviewed your smile picture, we can give you a precise breakdown of which treatments you would require and the costs involved.

If you would like to proceed, we will book an appointment for a personal consultation and scheduling of your treatment.

Achieving your perfect smile at your convenience

We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments at Garden Square, including teeth whitening, veneers, dental crowns and bridges. We are one of the leading in-house Orthodontic surgeries in London and utilise Fastbraces and the Inman Aligner Systems. If your teeth are already straight you may simply require teeth whitening to remove staining to get your smile looking great again.
We utilise the popular Philips Zoom teeth whitening system.

Our send us your smile page is also very handy for nervous patients who may otherwise avoid a visit to the dentist.

We are qualified in conscious sedation techniques and are happy to help keep visits to the surgery to a minimum. Garden Square Dental offer extended opening hours and have a reputation as one of West London’s friendliest dental surgeries.

Send us your smile selfies here and see how Garden Square can help rejuvenate your smile.