Dental video testimonial 3 Veneers at Garden Square

In the third of our ongoing video dental testimonials, we meet Wilma. A middle-aged female patient, who had suffered from discoloured and damaged tooth enamel as well as several chipped teeth. On closer inspection, we found that despite a good tooth care regime, she also had suffered from several failed fillings, some of which were in prominently positioned in her mouth. Wilma describes how she had been suffering from a loss of confidence in the appearance of her smile.

Veneers and Cosmetic Dental Experts Video Testimonial

Dr Amer Saeed, one of our resident cosmetic dental experts, was able to offer several different solutions to help Wilma regain the natural look of her smile. Having been previously treated using individual fillings and other preventative treatments, Wilma decided that she wanted a more permanent solution, and chose to go for dental veneers.
Produced from a thin Porcelain laminate, the veneers were bonded to the front of her teeth covering cracks, chips and discolouration of the enamel.

Cosmetic Dental Specialist West London video

Garden Square Dental is West London’s cosmetic dental specialists. We offer Veneers, dental crowns and dental implants as part of a wide range of our cosmetic dental services. Wilma goes on to describe how pleased she is with her treatment and how she has regained her confidence with her new smile. The video ends with a glowing testament to the work of Dr Saeed.

If you feel like your smile has lost its sparkle or your teeth, have been damaged by an accident or ongoing dental issue, call Garden Square Dental and see how we can help you gain the perfect smile, just like Wilma.
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