Dental hygiene has many benefits and can help you guard against tooth-related issues in the future. Bleeding gums, bad breath and stained teeth are just some of the problems resolved by routine visits to our dental hygienist. Garden Square Dental provides a Dental Hygiene service at our Bayswater, W2, West London location.

Dental Hygienist Visit Benefits

We believe that dental hygienist appointments are as important as visiting the dentist for a regular check-up.

A clean and healthy mouth reduces the need for fillings. It also cuts down the chances of bad breath (halitosis) or contracting gum disease, (gingivitis). Recent research has shown that gingivitis is directly linked to heart disease which is why hygiene for your teeth is so important.

Long-term, regular hygiene appointments can help you to avoid and the need for potentially expensive restorative dentistry in the future.

Clean teeth can help remove stains from smoking, coffee and red wine. Brighter teeth will improve your appearance and confidence which will give you something to smile about.

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Regular Dental Hygienist Visits

Regular visits to the hygienist at our London W2 practice will give you fresher breath and a gleaming smile. Each patient is different so we will advise how often you should attend hygiene visits based on the health and appearance of your teeth. Our hygienist will talk you through oral hygiene techniques which you can carry on at home. Patients may need guidance on flossing techniques and how to brush their teeth effectively.

If you are keen for brighter and whiter teeth you may be interested in teeth whitening or a smile design consultation. You can find more information about our cosmetic dentistry services here.

We offer opening hours to cater for those with the busiest of lifestyles. So, for a healthy, gleaming smile call Garden Square Dental W2, on 020 7229 8716. You can make an appointment with our dental hygienist at our modern West London dental practice.

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