Fastbraces – are crooked teeth ruining your smile?

Do you have crooked or overcrowded teeth ruining your smile? Garden Square Dental has a unique way of perfecting the appearance of your smile in a short time with the revolutionary orthodontic treatment Fastbraces. Whether your problem is slight or severe, Fastbraces is a proven, safe, effective and efficient way of straightening the teeth and improving the appearance of your smile.
How does it work?

Traditional braces vs Fastbraces

Traditional braces move in 2 stages, first the crowns of the teeth followed by the roots. Fastbraces technology allows for movement of both the crown and root from the beginning of treatment. They act to gently move front and back teeth, so the whole smile is improved. When your teeth have reached their final alignment, and you are happy with the result, we advise that a small wire is bonded on to the inside of the teeth or a clear plastic retainer is worn for the first few months for a few hours a day to retain the alignment.

Clear Braces Image

Treatment Details

With a treatment time possibly as short as 3 to 4 months for straightening a single arch, you could have a straighter, brighter more confident and youthful smile in a short amount of time. Your perfect smile won’t break the bank either as it costs from just £5 per day. We are also able to offer Dental Finance, which is an interest-free option to help spread the cost of your treatment, with affordable monthly payments over one year.

To top it all off at the end of treatment we offer a complimentary 2-week course of Teeth Whitening to ensure your beautiful new smile will sparkle too!

So what are you waiting for? Call our friendly reception team for a free 15-minute mini consultation on 020 7229 8716 and straighten and perfect a fabulous lifelong smile. Click here for more information about Fast Braces.

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