Smile Brighter! – Are You Ready To Zoom?

At Garden Square Dental, we adopt only the very best products for our in-house treatments. We have found that Zoom! Teeth Whitening is the best on the market for both radiantly noticeable results and speed of delivery.

It can significantly change the colour of your teeth by up to 8 shades. Our favourite beverages such as tea, coffee, cola and red wine can take their toll over the years. The stains from drinks can be stubborn to shift no matter how hard we brush!

The Zoom! light activated whitening gel’s active ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide. As the treatment progresses, the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, and oxygen enters the enamel and dentin, bleaching discoloured areas without changing the structure of the tooth.

Steps to regain a whiter, brighter smile:

  1. We begin with a short preparation to cover your gums, lips and skin around your lips. We then have just your teeth exposed ready for the treatment.
  2. The Zoom whitening gel is then applied to your teeth, and the Zoom light is activated. The gel and the light work together to gently penetrate the top surface layers of your teeth to lighten stains and discolouration.
  3. The gel is then cleaned off, and the procedure repeated every fifteen minutes until you reach your desired shade.
  4. You’re ready to brighten everyone’s day with your dazzling smile!

In just one hour we can change the whole look of your face. Your smile can be the first thing people notice so whether you have an important meeting, event or just want to shine your way through the summer social calendar then Zoom! at Garden Square is the way to go!

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