Garden Square Dental Video Testimonial 6

The latest in our series of dental testimonial videos highlighting the varied treatments we offer at Garden Square Dental is from a patient who has been with us for over five years. Sophia became a patient with us since 2010 and has been visiting us regularly ever since. She describes how she greatly values the family-run atmosphere at the surgery, and of her friendly rapport with our nurses. Having previously undergone several treatments at our dental practice, Sophia came in to see us complaining of a pain in one of her upper molars.

Dental Crown Video Testimonial

Dr Sofi Baig conducted a series of tests to establish the cause of Sophia’s pain. She soon established that one of her upper molars had a hairline crack in the tooth which had become infected and required attention. Hairline cracks in teeth are often difficult to detect as the patient may not feel sensitivity in the tooth or gum unless the area becomes infected or inflamed. Sophia was fitted with a temporary crown while the infection in her tooth was treated. On her next visit, Sophia’s tooth was fitted with a permanent crown, resulting in the pain subsiding and Sophia being able to eat and normally drink with no sensitivity. In this instance, a dental crown was fitted to prevent further infection or damage to the tooth. Dental crowns can also be fitted for cosmetic dental reasons, to improve a patients bite or to repair chipped or damaged teeth. If you feel you may benefit from the placement of a dental crown, contact us for a free consultation and see how we can help reduce pain and restore your damaged teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Video Testimonial.

We are cosmetic dental specialists throughout West London, and as Sophia confirms in the video testimonial, we come highly recommended. We offer a relaxed and professional environment with friendly staff and comfortable modern surgery. We provide all forms of cosmetic dentistry, from dental crowns and dental implants to orthodontics and Philips Zoom Laser teeth whitening. We cover Paddington, Notting Hill, Kensington, and Ladbroke Grove and are only too happy to welcome new patients. You can book a consultation here or call us on 020 7229 8716 to book an appointment.