Garden Square Dental Video Testimonial 5

The fifth dental testimonial in our ongoing series of videos featuring patients being treated at Garden Square Dental introduces Richard. He found us when looking for a dental surgery that could treat patients who were nervous or anxious about the prospect of undergoing any type of dental treatment.

He came to us as a nervous patient, and we caught up with a very pleased patient, after he had undergone dental implant treatment with our very own Dr Khamis.

Dental Implants Video Testimonial

Having suffered an accident at home which had resulted in damage to a previously fitted dental bridge, Richard had also managed to loosen several other teeth in his mouth. After an initial consultation with our dental team, Richard was offered several solutions for his damaged bridge and loose teeth.
Having received impartial advice about the different treatments available, Richard ultimately chose Dr Khamis to fit some dental implants rather than having his dental bridge replaced; he felt the implants would offer a better long term solution for his particular needs.
Richard felt that dental implants offered a far more permanent and comfortable solution than the wearing of a dental bridge and required far less aftercare. The fitting of the implants improved the appearance of his smile and gave a new appearance to his teeth.

Nervous Anxious Patients Dental Video Testimonial.

Richard had originally contacted Garden Square Dental as we are one of the few surgeries in the London area that can accommodate anxious and nervous patients. When he came in to see us for his initial consultation, we established his concerns and prepared a treatment plan to accommodate his particular anxieties. Dr Khamis took the time to listen to Richards worries and was able to allay any fears he had through a careful explanation of the treatment and procedure.
For patients with more severe anxieties and dental phobias. We are Dental Phobia Certified Dentists and can offer conscious sedation, acupuncture for dental work and dental hypnotherapy to help patients overcome their fears. If you are worried about having any kind of dental treatment from a visit to the hygienist or any other dental work, call Garden Square Dental and let us help you overcome your fears. Tel 020 7229 8716.