Orthodontic case study – Nina

For this month’s blog, I would like to introduce you to Nina!

28-year-old Nina came to see me for a complimentary orthodontic consultation, last year.

She wanted to know if I could do something to improve her smile, on the proviso the treatment was fast because she was getting married in just under four months!

Although both the upper and lower arch showed some misalignment, Nina’s most significant issue was the appearance of her upper front teeth.

Because Nina’s gum overall gum health was good, we reviewed all the braces options.

Orthodontic case study 1 Image 2

Due to the limited time constraints, I recommended to Nina; we choose CFast cosmetic brackets for the upper teeth only.  I advised Nina that I could certainly help her improve her smile but warned her, the 3-month deadline would mean the teeth would probably not meet the best end position.

CFast takes less time than conventional orthodontic treatment because it focuses on the ‘social six’, the upper front teeth that most influence the smile.

The cosmetically coated nickel-titanium wire gently applies pressure to the brackets, to align both the teeth and gum margins.

After seeing photos of my previous cases, Nina decided to take the challenge!

Orthodontic case study 1 Image 2

On the day the braces were fitted.

Nina attended the practice every four weeks and at each appointment, I reviewed the movement of her teeth and made some minor adjustments.

Nina herself had been comfortable throughout the process and was excited to see how much progress had been made in such little time.

At the end of the 3rd month, Nina’s teeth were looking quite different!

Orthodontic case study 1 Image 2

Due to the smaller size of Nina’s lateral incisors, I chose to build them up using cosmetic composite bonding so that they would look more aesthetic next to her naturally longer front teeth.

Once the brackets were removed, I fixed a bonded retainer and gave her a complimentary course of Home whitening, usually costing £395.

Suffice to say, I was happy to meet the challenge of Nina’s deadline, but more importantly, Nina was delighted with her end result!

Please watch the video testimonial she was keen to record for me!

Orthodontic case study 1 Image 2

Orthodontic Treatment Cost Information

Nina paid £2800 for the braces and £300 for the composite bonding.

She opted for payment using Dental Finance, which offers 0% Interest over 12 months, which meant she was paying less than £10 a day for a safe and effective orthodontic treatment, which has made a big difference to Nina’s confidence.

With more orthodontic solutions on the market, there is really no age restriction, providing the teeth and gums are healthy.

Please come and visit for a complimentary 15-minute orthodontic consultation, I think you will be surprised by what can be achieved.

Please be aware prices will vary according to each case, based on approximate treatment time span, single or dual arch and the specific system used. Your dentist will give you an idea of this, during your visit.