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At Garden Square we offer you the following peace of mind and reward for choosing us to help you achieve a beautiful even smile following orthodontic treatment:

  • We will deduct the £150 consultation fee from the total treatment.
  • Complimentary Home Whitening normally worth £350.
  • The complimentary addition of white fillings to the edges of the shorter teeth and minor ameloplasty of longer teeth to even out the smile.
  • First set of retainers free within the first 12 months of treatment.
  • All emergency appointments during active treatment free of charge.
  • At the end of your treatment you will be sent your before and after photographs, showing you how great your new smile really is, so hopefully you will recommend us too!

Orthodontic Treatment Recommendations

If we feel that a superior cosmetic result following orthodontic treatment can be achieved for darker or heavily filled teeth, ultrathin veneers and all porcelain aesthetic crowns maybe recommended. This will all be discussed at the treatment planning stage, before treatment starts, so there are no surprises or hidden charges. Treatment can be staged over several months to suit your lifestyle and requirements.

Orthodontic Treatment FAQs

Orthodontic treatment is suitable for most people providing the teeth and gums are healthy. A 15 minute complimentary mini consult, will quickly identify if teeth straightening will be the right option for you. Following this, a more detailed assessment will be arranged at a time that is convenient.
When new braces, aligners or brackets are fitted, a little discomfort should be expected and mild pain relief maybe required.   We will give you soft wax for placement over new brackets and advice on what to expect and how to deal with possible issues.
Good oral hygiene and adequate plaque removal is very important during treatment.  There is an increased risk of developing bleeding gums and tooth decay if teeth are not cleaned properly.  We will show you how best to clean your teeth and recommend regular visits to the hygienist, whilst using a daily high Fluoride mouthwash to help strengthen the enamel.
Following case assessment and treatment planning, success is based on both the dentist and patient working together to ensure regular visits are maintained and that you understand and follow instructions on wearing and caring for the new braces. After completion, we take retention using fixed wires or removable retainers seriously and will guarantee them for 1 year following treatment.
More adult patients are choosing to have orthodontic treatment and we are achieving great results in all age groups.  Following a short assessment we will be able to advise you if teeth straightening is a safe and suitable option for you.