Teeth Straightening at Garden Square Dental

At the Garden Square Dental surgery, our leading cosmetic dentist Sofi specialises in teeth straightening treatment and recommends a revolutionary orthodontic treatment called Fastbraces. By utilising the latest dental techniques, the Fastbraces system dramatically reduces the time required to straighten teeth compared to traditional dental braces. This innovative treatment provides patients with a safe, affordable and effective solution to correct their misaligned teeth.

Teeth Straightening Video Testimonial

In this self-filmed dental testimonial video, the patient William was kind enough to record his feelings on the day his braces were to be removed after his teeth straightening treatment had been completed.

William had been flying back to the UK regularly to see us for his treatment over ten months. He describes how previously he had “quite bad teeth” and how pleased he was with the results of his treatment. He went on to explain his satisfaction with the professionalism and level of care shown by our team and commented that he had experienced no pain throughout the treatment period.

As one of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments; teeth straightening and Orthodontic work will improve your smile and self-confidence. It can also help patients to chew their food properly and help to prevent them from grinding their teeth while asleep.

The Fastbraces system incorporates triangular-shaped brace points, joined by a thin Titanium wire, which is adjusted gradually over time to straighten the braced teeth. The system works by straightening the root of the tooth, which in turn straightens the tooth itself. This technique greatly reduces the treatment time, is comfortable to wear and requires little maintenance.

For patients looking for a more discrete type of dental brace, we can fit the Invisalign straightening system. This type of brace is hardly noticeable when fitted, and is perfect for patients who want to straighten their teeth without any outwardly visible sign that they are wearing a brace.

Teeth straightening and Orthodontics in West London

Garden Square Dental is one of West London’s leading dental surgeries providing in-house Orthodontic and teeth straightening treatment for adults and children. We offer a free orthodontic consultation for all of our registered patients and are happy to produce a personalised treatment plan based on our assessment.

To help spread the cost of your treatment, we can organise dental payment plans to suit most budgets. We cover all West London areas and welcome new patients looking for a high quality local cosmetic dentist.
For more information on our Orthodontic treatments or to book a consultation, please call us on 020 7229 8716