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Dental News

New Dental Patients Welcome in West London

If you live or work in the West London area and are looking for a new dental surgery, Garden Square Dental is the ideal choice for you and your family. Garden Square Dental Practice have established themselves as one of West London’s top dental surgeries over the past 15 years.

Veneers at Garden Square. Video Dental Testimonial 3

In the third of our ongoing video dental testimonials, we meet Wilma. A middle-aged female patient, who had suffered from discoloured and damaged tooth enamel as well as several chipped teeth. On closer inspection, we found that despite a good tooth care regime, she also had suffered from a number of failed fillings, some of which were in prominently positioned in her mouth. Wilma describes how she had been suffering from a loss of confidence in the appearance of her smile.

Private Dentists serving Notting Hill

Private Dentists serving Notting Hill Garden Square Dental has been offering high-quality dental care throughout Notting Hill and West London for over 15 years. We cover all parts of London W11 and beyond. If you are based in or around Notting Hill, Holland Park, Kensington or Chelsea, our child-friendly, modern dental surgery is perfect for all the family. Whether you are looking for regular check-ups and hygienist visits for your kids, or more specialist treatments, like Orthodontics or teeth whitening, Garden Square Dental is the one-stop dentist solution for you and your family. We offer flexible opening hours, and [...]

Garden Square Dental Video Testimonial 2

Garden Square patient video testimonial 2 Our latest video testimonial is designed to give potential Orthodontics patients insight into how we work. The video features a real patient, discussing how we have diagnosed and treated him with orthodontics at our West London dental surgery. We meet Ed, a patient who has been a regular visitor to us for over three years now, who was looking to improve the appearance of his smile. Orthodontic Treatment Video Testimonial One of our resident dentists, who has a particular interest in teeth straightening, Sofi has been helping Ed improve his smile with [...]

Send your Smile to Garden Square Dental

We have devised the Garden Square "Send us your Smile Page". Allowing you to send us a picture of your smile as it is currently, telling us what aspect of your smile you would like to improve. Our experienced team of dentists and Orthodontists will study your picture in total confidence and email you back their recommendations on how you can achieve the smile you want.

Garden Square Dental Video Testimonial 1

Here at Garden Square Dental we have just launched our very own YouTube Channel. Created specifically to give new or nervous patients an insight into how we work, the videos feature actual patient testimonials showing how we diagnose and treat various dental issues.

Fastbraces – crooked teeth ruining your smile?

Fastbraces - are crooked teeth ruining your smile? Do you have crooked or overcrowded teeth ruining your smile? Garden Square Dental has a unique way of perfecting the appearance of your smile in a short time with the revolutionary orthodontic treatment Fastbraces. Whether your problem is slight or severe, Fastbraces is a proven, safe, effective and efficient way of straightening the teeth and improving the appearance of your smile. How does it work? Traditional braces vs Fastbraces Traditional braces move in 2 stages, first the crowns of the teeth followed by the roots. Fastbraces technology allows for movement of [...]

Smile Brighter! – Are You Ready To Zoom?

Smile Brighter! – Are You Ready To Zoom? At Garden Square Dental we adopt only the very best products for our in-house treatments. We have found that Zoom! Teeth Whitening is the best on the market for both radiantly noticeable results and speed of delivery.

Are you in Dental Care Denial?

It’s said that people in the UK still are not taking oral care seriously. With thousands being spent on cosmetics and health supplements every year it’s clear that body image is still top of the list. With more research showing that good oral care can prevent some serious health issues in the body, we have compiled some simple steps that if followed can pave the way to a brighter oral future.

Do you suffer from Teeth Grinding ?

Teeth grinding or Bruxism is a very common manifestation of mental anxiety or stress. It happens mostly while you are asleep as a result of a build-up of tension in the jaw muscles.

Do you have missing teeth or unwanted gaps in your smile?

Cosmetic dental implant technology has advanced greatly over the last 10 years, with implants becoming more affordable, stronger and more natural looking than ever before. Great strides have been made in the materials implants are made from, making the whole process of having dental implants much more convenient and comfortable.